Thursday, 8 April 2010

And so it begins…

Material for Digital Photographic Practice arrived earlier this week. Very well presented it is too – all neatly wrapped in red tissue paper inside a sturdy box.
Have scanned through the material and completed and sent off my student profile as per the getting started letter. Also spoke to my tutor as suggested – although at this stage I clearly didn’t have much of intelligence to say except ‘hello’.
The exercises and assignments seem nicely varied – some more attractive and challenging than others. I think they will bear a good read as my initial impression is that some are independent of others and could easily be carried out in parallel while some could quite easily be combined.
I’m a bit flummoxed by the fact that the very first exercise involves a portrait session as I ‘don’t do’ people on the whole. So - good discipline being instilled already.
The only things that’s not really clear to me at present is how we submit a blog for assessment. I think I’ll be keeping the learning log twice, once as a Word file and also on this blog. I can then get the best of both worlds and with a bit of cut and paste will only have to do the job once anyhow.

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