Friday, 9 July 2010

Assignment 2: Digital Image Qualities

Got the feedback from my tutor for assignment 2 yesterday. very positive again, I’m relieved to say as I found it quite a challenging exercise.
I fact, in some senses the assignment felt a little artificial – in particular the need to use high ISO. For the types of photography I currently enjoy I would normally avoid this by using a tripod – so I made a conscious decision to complete the assignment while on a business trip to restrict the time available, and to use my ‘bare minimum’ travelling kit – my E-3, the Zuiko 14-54 zoom, two spare batteries and a spare memory card.
Whatever, I took the instructions at face value and even felt this shot – taken at ISO3200 was worth including. My tutor suggested that I might want to tone down the green on the left on on reflection I think he’s right – so I’ll be tweaking it in Photoshop over the weekend.
8: Oak Leaves by street light
The rest of the assignment is available on my profile page - here

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