Friday, 5 November 2010

Back-ups – a few thoughts

My back up hard drive was getting close to full and a close inspection showed that I had multiple copies of large numbers of the photos backed–up. The basic reason for this was that I had set my back-up software not to delete moved files. A couple of days work recovered around 30 gigs of space.
To avoid a repeat of this I have now set up Lightroom so that I automatically back up the original file on import (well semi-automatically as I have to specify a folder name each time). I’m also making more effective use of Lightroom’s ability to save several version of any given RAW file in its catalog without the need to produce a Tiff or jpeg for each version.
The more I use Lightroom the more useful it seems as a tool for post-capture workflow. I almost never use Elements now, and have not used Picasa for cataloguing or viewing since I installed Lightroom.

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