Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Wordle–a visual image of your course work

Came across this site – http://www.wordle.net/ - while surfing recently. It doesn’t seem to have much serious intent , but certainly provides an intriguing view of my blog. The words are sized according to the frequency I use them. Unsurprisingly the words image, exercise, colour and photo are prominent. The one colour that leaps out at me - other than white - is blue, which is probably unsurprising as I love shots with deep blues in them. The technical nature of the course is revealed in the prominence of words such as exposure, noise, balance, RAW, contrast, detail etc. It will be an intersting exercise to compare a similar wordle for my blog as I near the end of People and Place - which on first reading of the course material seems much more picture orientated.

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  1. Thanks for the Wordle link. I've had a go too. It's good fun!